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August 24, 2011


   The last three posts have been a mini-series ( like “Roots” ) on black-and-white. Pulling them all together, I decided on a monochrome image (Ebony and Ivory) so I found a subject I thought would make a good B&W image (Seeing Monochrome) and found the processing technique that would represent my vision for this shot (Monochrome Choices).


   Here is the monochrome conversion from the Seeing Monochrome post. I liked the conversion but it looked a little sterile for an image of a 1950 Studebaker dashboard. These hot rods are rolling slices of the past, so I thought a sepia tone and some film grain to mimic an old photo would be in order.


   Here is the sepia toned, grain added image with a black key line (border) and a muted gray border.


   Or to push the old photo motif one step further, a white border.


   Notice how the white border seems to make the image brighter  (at least it does for me). The only difference between the last two images is the border. This ends this monochrome mini-series so break out the crayons and follow along cause up next … Color !




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  1. Becky Stone permalink

    I like the picture, esp. with the white trim.

  2. Jacque permalink

    The pics are awesome can’t wait to have you photo shop mine love you guys!

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