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Rembrandt is me

October 7, 2011


   Another technique for spreading light around is light painting.  My last post was about layering multiple images, each a little piece of light, when merged together make the final image. Light painting, on the other hand, usually involves just one (long) exposure and a continuous light source like a flashlight. The less ambient light the better, you need an exposure that is long enough for you to ‘paint’ your subject with light. The type of light you use, and the speed which you ‘paint’ will determine the end result.


M y   B r u s h

  I built a light box with some foamcore and a cheap LED flashlight. The design is courtesy of Flickr member Phil Grayston. (Follow link at the end to see it). I couldn’t wait to test it, so as soon as it was finished I put on my smock and one of those hats Painters and French people wear and prepared to paint.


M y   C a n v a s

   Running around the neighborhood in my smock and floppy hat at 1 a.m. would probably get me a date in this town. Since I’m married, I decided to stay local. Our car in the driveway was the  nearest subject. The neighbors were kind enough to leave their orange Halloween lights on for background color.


M y   M a s t e r p i e c e 


   The ribbon of light will begin as soon as the light source faces the camera. If you don’t want it, make sure and keep your light facing away from the lens. Here I just walked around the car, over the course of the 30 sec. exposure, holding the light about 12 inches away.

   If your camera allows a long exposure grab a flashlight and try it. You might like it so much you’ll cut off your ear.

   Here’s the link for the light box :

   Lots of cool stuff out there if you Google lightpainting.




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