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Just not right…

October 19, 2011


   Dressing up your pets for the holidays, (or worse, non-holidays) just isn’t right. Christmas decorations, (or worse, Christmas shopping) before Thanksgiving just isn’t right. According to some, using the term ‘Merry Christmas’ instead of ‘Happy Holidays’, just isn’t right. Trying to find a Santa hat in early October..just isn’t easy.

    Any print work or publishing ( i.e. Christmas cards etc.) that is not to be transmitted via the web needs a generous lead time if you want to assure timely results (with a little cushion for the inevitable). In my opinion e-cards are just not the same thing. The spirit of the holidays makes these items maybe more of a keepsake thing, even if only a short-term one. So if you’re thinking about sending out old-school cards embossed with something stupid, like your pet dressed up, or even worse… you and the family, don’t forget to start early…we are. So make it personal this year, kill some trees and maybe save the USPS.



   My apologies for bringing Christmas into October..that’s just not right.




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  1. Becky Stone permalink

    I WANT a ZOLI for Christmas! Please! Does it come with its own bed, chewie and surprise gifts?

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