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Me and Alice P.

December 9, 2011

  H o w   I   “M e t”   A l i c e . . . T h e   P h o t o

   Last May, a photographer cared enough to write this in a comment: “Any photogs with pictures of dogs please send a couple to Alice P. . She is seriously ill, loves her new puppy Mabel and would like some photos of dogs – Thanks ”

So it seems I met Alice through a couple of photographers I didn’t (and still don’t) know. I remember they were both female so I’ll call ’em Ms. Talented Photo Maker and Ms.Thoughtful Photo Commenter. Strange they both have the same middle name.


 P o s t   P a l s

   Post Pals is a few volunteers and a laptop encouraging letters and cards (snail mail style) for around 50 seriously ill kids in Britain. I looked up Alice, five kids are featured each month, she was one. My wife and I sent her some pics of our pup who happened to be about the same age as Mabel and some words of encouragement.

  The Post Pals kids usually can’t reply, so during May we checked her status every week or so and hoped for the best for her. We were unaware that Alice had gotten very bad news


 T h e   B u c k e t   L i s t

   Alice knows her time is short and decided to make a  “Bucket List ” and post it to a blog . Her first post “Hello”  was on June 6, 2011. It includes a photo of her with Mabel. Within 24 hours her blog went viral, the story was picked up by the BBC then finally U.S. national news. Was Alice Pyne, viral blogger……OUR Alice P? Though we know up front these kids are seriously ill, the news she was terminal was still a shock.

    Her little sister Milly, who is also a patient, was running in a charity race that week-end and had a target to raise  1,000 British pounds. It was mentioned in the blog and Milly ended up raising over 33,000 pounds. So far Alice’s blog has over 3.3 million visitors.

 We follow her blog and still hope for the best.


Check out her first couple posts. Visit Post Pals and drop them a note. Alice is helping us much more than we’re helping her.


That photo touched our lives….and I don’t even remember its subject.




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